Pediatric Care

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How to Have Smarter Kids

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

What is intelligence?download

Intelligence is the ability to problem solve by remembering past successes and failures and imagining possibilities for the future. Intelligence is supposed to make it easier to navigate living in our world. Intelligence is measured by IQ tests, but IQ tests do not measure:

  • creative intelligence
  • practical intelligence
  • interpersonal intelligence
  • bodily kinesthetic intelligence

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Chiropractic Adjustment of an Infant

I am often met with surprise when people hear me say I adjust infants. “Why would an infant need to be adjusted?” is the question that usually follows.  As surprising and unusual as it may seem, it makes perfect sense to have your infant checked by a pediatric chiropractor trained and experienced in chiropractic care for infants.

Today’s birthing practices are harder on infants than most realize. A mother lying on her back doesn’t have gravity to help her birth her baby. With the standard birth practices babies stay in the birth canal longer and need more intervention such as the doctor assisting by pulling the baby’s head, the use of forceps or vacuum distraction. Continue reading

Babies Need Touch

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Babies learn about their world by touching objects, but they learn about people by the way we touch them.

We can live without sight, hearing, smell or taste, but without touch we die. Touch throughout life is not a luxury but a necessity. Touch starts not at birth but in utero.Baby touch Continue reading

The Importance of Crawling for an Infant

By Dr Cynthia Horner

All parents want their infants and children to progress as quickly as possible in their motor and intellectual development.  Although each child has their own developmental timetable there are some stages of neurological development that are important such as crawling and the disappearance of what is termed primitive reflexes  Each stage of movement molds the nervous system in a different way. Pushing a child to progress too quickly may cause them to skip a stage or not fully benefit from a stage of  imagesdevelopment.


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Do Unimmunized Children Pose a Threat to Their Community?

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

The CDC and the AMA have the opinion that parents who choose not to vaccinate pose a health risk to the community. Their theory isinfant that everyone is safe from disease only because everyone is vaccinated. They believe unimmunized children support or transport contagious diseases. Many believe not vaccinating puts the entire society at risk. It has been said that vaccinating your children is a moral obligation and those who choose not to vaccinate are acting selfishly. These same people recognize that there are risks but feel that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Who chooses not to vaccinate? It is not the poor, lazy or uneducated but fairly well educated, active members and contributors to communities who are questioning and hesitating when it comes to the routine vaccination schedule for their children. These are educators, professors, government officials, physicians, health professionals and attorneys who are asking these questions: Continue reading

Adjusting Children Differs from Adjusting Adults


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Help for Infant Reflux without Medication

By Dr. Cynthia Horner


 Quite often I get a phone call from a mother of an infant, usually between 3 to 10 weeks old, asking for help because their baby has infant reflux. They tell me their infant is on Zantac and Prilosec, and they were advised to stop nursing and start infant formula. Many of these moms tell me their medical doctors recommend they put rice cereal in the formula to ‘keep the formula down’. If this worked I wouldn’t be hearing from these moms, treating their infants or writing this article. Continue reading

Stop Backpack Injury

It’s Time to Ease the Burden for Our Children

By Dr Cynthia Horner

As a family and pediatric chiropractor I have been adjusting children in my office for 15 years. In the last few years I am seeing children and teens with serious spinal conditions from carrying heavy loads resulting in backpack injury.  Parents had been bringing their kids to me for wellness spinal analysis  having their spines checked before problems were bad enough for pain or symptoms to be present. Now many young people are complaining to their parents about pain in their legs, back, and shoulders and constant achy muscles. Continue reading

What is a Family Chiropractor?

Whole Family Chiropractic Care

by Dr. Cynthia Horner

What makes a chiropractor a family chiropractor? A family chiropractor is experienced and confident in adjusting  infants, children, adults and seniors. The intent of a family chiropractor is to work with all the members of families to promote  health.  A family chiropractor  focuses on educating, motivating and supporting those in their practice in making decisions about everyday habits in eating, posture, sleeping,  stress and exercising. 

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Healing Children without Antibiotics

Respiratory Infections:

by Dr. Cynthia Horner

Your little one is sick with another infection. You have been up most of the night holding a cranky, crying baby. The list of things you have to do tomorrow won’t stop whirling through your head. Your little one clings to you for comfort with a snotty nose and a slight fever. Every few minutes you hear a whimper as you stroke your precious child’s moist hair. Is it another ear infection? Is it a sinus infection, or is it a bad cold or the flu? Continue reading