Chiropractic Adjustments Change Brain Patterns

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Why would anyone see a chiropractor if they are not in pain?

Today people receive more information each day than their parents did a generation ago. This is a good thing but it has created a population that asks more questions, demands more answers and wants more good things in their lives. Good health is one of those things. Studies show more people are willing to spend time and money on maintaining  and improving their health.  Chiropractic has great success in improving health. Every time a person receives a chiropractic adjustment, whether they were in pain or not,they are healthier than they were before the adjustment. Every time!

The spine is to the body, what the internet is to the world – a pipeline for communication.

Chiropractic is not about pain but about helping the body adapt to a changing environment. It does this by altering  function in the central nervous system. The nervous system is designed to ‘read’ what is going on in the environment around it and responds by preparing the body to adapt. The better the body can adapt to the world it lives in the healthier the body. Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the nervous system to change brain patterns that limit the body’s ability to adapt. The spine is to the body, what the internet is to the world – a pipeline for communication.

Regular chiropractic care creates new neurological patterns by rewiring the connections of nerve cells to better enable the body to adapt and survive. An important concept is that you don’t have to be hurt or be in pain to benefit from a chiropractic spinal adjustment. Unlike a medical doctor who sees people only when they are in crisis, a chiropractor sees people regularly and routinely to detect subtle changes in their:

  • posture
  • muscle tone
  • gait
  • neurological function 

Periodic chiropractic care has a positive effect on the wiring of the connections of nerve cells in the brain that better enable them to communicate resulting in improved health.

Improving function is true health care.

Chiropractic recognizes that humans are like snowflakes in that everybody is unique and different.  From the outside it may seem like one chiropractic adjustment is much like another but no two chiropractic adjustments are the same. At each visit a chiropractor is reading the body, detecting and correcting subtle changes in the body.  A chiropractic adjustment stimulates nerve pathways and stimulates the brain. This stimulation improves function and assists the body to adapt efficiently and effectively to its changing surroundings. This is real health care. The medical model of  treating symptoms with drugs or surgery not only hinders the body’s ability to adapt, and does nothing to enhance the body’s ability to heal, this is not true health.


From real health to no health -where are you?

High function   –   the body is adapting perfectly

Cell rejuvenation –    abnormal cells are recognized, destroyed, replaced with healthy cells

Immune response  –   the body does not get sick often and recovers quickly when it does

High energy   –    the body is absent of symptoms, most people consider this to be health

Low energy/Fatigue  –  the body is always tired, caffeine and sugar are often used

Sickness/Rundown –   often sick, help is sought frequently, medications taken regularly

Diagnosed Condition –  the body is working poorly enough to get a label of a disease

Serious Condition  –    poor prognosis, surgery is often recommended, meds increased

Death  –   the body ceases to function




What my patients have taught me –  ” Pay attention to the patterns in your life for they become clues to your state of health”