Care for Pregnant Women

All pregnant women benefit from chiropractic adjustments. The role of the trained chiropractor in the management of pregnancy is an important one.

I have certification in the Webster Protocol and in the treatment and care of pregnant women. I have enjoyed adjusting and working with pregnant women for a better birth since 1993. I realize there are three basic reasons a women’s pregnancy fails to progress.

Three Common Problems for Pregnant Women:

1. Pregnant Women Made Fearful of Birth Outcomes

Chiropractors are taught to empower moms about their innate ability to create, carry and deliver a baby. Working with teams of midwives, doulas and birth educators I educate and encourage pregnant women to feel confident about their birth choices and ability to have a safe and memorable birth.

2. Spinal or Pelvic Misalignment in Pregnant Women

A common problem pregnant women have is spinal and or pelvic misalignment. Often the pelvis is slightly misaligned before pregnancy and the added weight of the baby brings it to the point of pain or worse yet uterine restriction. The uterus is stabilized or tethered to the pelvis at the pubic bone and in the back at the sacrum with ligaments. When the pelvis becomes distorted or misaligned the ligaments pull causing the uterus to twist. The twisting constricts the uterus preventing the baby from turning head down to pass through the birth canal. A chiropractor, Dr. Larry Webster, developed a specific adjusting technique that corrects uterine constriction. I had the privilege of learning this technique directly from Dr. Webster at Life Chiropractic College. I have found this technique to be about 85% successful in allowing a breech presentation to change to a vertex presentation.

3. Dysfunction in the Production and Distribution of Hormones in Pregnant Women

Pregnancy progresses because the right hormone in produced and distributed in the right amount at just the right time. This orchestration of hormones is coordinated by the nervous system. Spinal adjustments allow the nervous system to work without interference. Nerves carry messages more efficiently after a chiropractic adjustment. The orchestration of hormones throughout pregnancy is dependant on a high functioning nervous system. Only chiropractic can offer this.