Natural Remedies vs Medication

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies are becoming more popular as a conservative way to care for the body. Just what are they and how do they work? How do they differ from prescribed or over the counter medications?

Most people realize it is always best to use what is least evasive to the body then only if desired results are not met move on to more evasive solutions. Prescribed medications are responsible for over 100.000 deaths and 1 million serious injuries each year in America and account for about 28% of all hospital admission They are considered one of the most  preventable causes of death.

The Real Difference

The biggest difference between natural remedies and medications is that substances call natural remedies give your body an elected response. This means natural remedies offer the body raw materials to repair, create a bad environment for germs or act as a catalyst to bring about a change the body chooses. Natural remedies usually behave differently in different people because it is up to the body to with it what it chooses. This drives the medical profession crazy because natural remedies are not consistent.

A medication creates a controlled response. A medication reacts the same in each person, if it didn’t it wouldn’t be a medication. Medications whether prescription or over the counter are tested to have the same response in each person only then is it considered effective. A medication disrupts metabolic pathways. Metabolic pathways are steps the body takes in bringing food and oxygen in then making energy and eliminating waste products. Disrupted pathways do no lead to health and wellness.

What Are Natural Remedies Made From?

Most natural remedies are made directly from plants. The warehouses, of a natural remedy supplement manufacturer, are filled with specific roots, leaves, and stems of well inspected and hand chosen plants.  Some are common spices, others flowers, roots, bark, berries or foods such as garlic. The finish products can be in the form of tea, cream, tincture, capsule, tablet or essential oil. The manufacturers of medications are laboratories that make reactions from chemicals into synthetic substances. Often these substances are viewed by the body as a foreign substance because these substances were never meant to be in a human body.

There Are Only Three Things That Anything You Take Can Do.

  • Make your body a poor environment for the growth of  bacterial, viruses, yeast and parasites.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Relieve symptoms to feel better without interfering  with your body’s ability to heal.

Homeopathy -The More Diluted The Remedy The More Potent The Effect.

Homeopathy is controversial because it does not work in the body in the same way as conventional medicine or herbal remedies. Everything in this world  whether be it plant, animal, or even a rock – oscillates and vibrates. Vibrating or oscillating systems will take on the energy from another vibrating substance if the energy is at the same frequency. An example of this is if you place two well tuned violins on a table in an empty room and pluck the E string of one of the violins. The vibration of the plucked string will make the E string of the second violin vibrate as well. The goal of homeopathy is to match the vibration frequency of the remedy with the vibration frequency the ill patient needs to induce healing.

These natural remedies are made by taking a small portion of a prepared herb, then diluting it in a neutral solution and shaking it. This process of diluting and shaking is repeated anywhere from ten to hundreds of times. The paradox is each time the remedy is diluted  its effect is more potent. Although its  physical composition is weaker its vibration is enhanced. Because homeopathic remedies are so dilute there are no side effects. If an incorrect remedy is selected it has no effect on a body at all.

There are times when only a prescription or over-the-counter medication will do but if it is possible to choose something easier on the body, less evasive, that works with your body not against it, then it is worth learning a little about natural remedies and choosing them when possible.


What my patients have taught me : “You can’t convince anyone else to be healthy, it is a decision they must come to on their own.”