Do Unimmunized Children Pose a Threat to Their Community?

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

The CDC and the AMA have the opinion that parents who choose not to vaccinate pose a health risk to the community. Their theory isinfant that everyone is safe from disease only because everyone is vaccinated. They believe unimmunized children support or transport contagious diseases. Many believe not vaccinating puts the entire society at risk. It has been said that vaccinating your children is a moral obligation and those who choose not to vaccinate are acting selfishly. These same people recognize that there are risks but feel that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Who chooses not to vaccinate? It is not the poor, lazy or uneducated but fairly well educated, active members and contributors to communities who are questioning and hesitating when it comes to the routine vaccination schedule for their children. These are educators, professors, government officials, physicians, health professionals and attorneys who are asking these questions:

  • How do vaccinations work in an infant’s immune system?
  • What are all the ingredients in vaccines?
  • Does receiving multiple vaccines have a different effect than receiving only one?
  • Why do some babies hold the aluminum or mercury from vaccines while others do not?
  • Can an infant or child’s body heal from these illnesses without vaccines?

How Vaccines Effect an Infant’s Body

Vaccines work differently than acquiring an illness naturally. Viruses or bacterium naturally enter through the nose or mouth, and go to the lungs or stomach, the body responds with an immune fighter that is designed to stop unwanted antigens at their site of entry by creating mucus, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, rash and sweating. Expelling the invader externally creates lifelong memory, or lifetime immunity. If on the other hand the virus or bacterium is injected directly into the infant’s or child’s bloodstream or muscle the immune system must respond with a different type of immune fighter that blocks the virus from spreading to cells throughout the body. The downfall is these immune fighters cannot get into the infected cells to expel the invader and cannot kill infected cells. This does not create immunity but a chronic ongoing infection with a continuous antibody presence.

Ingredients in Vaccines

Ingredients in vaccinations vary slightly, but all vaccines are made by passing the virus or bacterium through animal or human tissue many times to weaken it. For example measles virus in passed through chick embryo cells, polio virus through monkey kidneys cells, rubella virus through duck or rabbit cells or human fetal (foreskin) tissue. It is not always possible to separate the virus or bacterium from the foreign tissue. If foreign tissue is injected in the child he/she will develop antibodies to their own nervous tissue resulting in an autoimmune disease, the type and severity dependent on the type of tissue injected. All vaccines have adjuvants added to enhance its effect. Aluminum as a metal salt is often used as an adjuvant in vaccinations. Oils are also used along with metal salts as adjuvants. Formalin, a 37 % solution of gaseous formaldehyde is used to inactivate and stabilize vaccines. The antibiotics Streptomycin-Neomycin are included in the vaccine cocktail.

The Effects of Multiple Vaccines

Understanding how one vaccination works does not answer the question how does an immature immune system respond to several vaccines given at one time or within several months. One concern is aluminum; although safe aluminum levels received through muscle or blood injections has not been studied or determined we know that a new born receiving Hepatitis B injection on its first day of life receives 250mcg of aluminum. The only figures that have been studied are those of infants receiving IV solutions containing aluminum in which 50mcg per day was found not to cause brain or kidney damage. Many who question vaccine safety feel too many vaccines are given too soon. It is unknown how infants’ immune systems respond to the active and inactive ingredients in vaccinations. The vaccine schedule calls for 50 injections for 16 illnesses by the age of eighteen or 37 doses before the age of six.

Mercury and Aluminum on Brain Tissue 

One out of 150 babies develops brain damage in their first 18 months of life. Many point the finger to vaccinations. We don’t know if vaccinations cause any harm to brain tissue but what we do know is that children who are fully vaccinated and do not develop brain damage have signs (through hair analysis) that they are eliminating metals out of their bodies, and children fully vaccinated who do develop brain damage have little to no metals excreted from their bodies. What causes a body to hold heavy metals? Candida Albicans, is yeast that grows rapidly in humans if not kept in check with healthy intestinal flora, will hold heavy metals.  What kills healthy intestinal flora and allows candida to grow? Antibiotics kills healthy flora. Mothers who have taken antibiotics pass candida on to their children as they travel through the birth canal or when nursing. Children who receive antibiotics early in life have candida overgrowth in their gut and they will hold heavy metals in their bodies.

Natural Immunity Will Be Lost

The best protection against disease is natural immunity. Many parents are unaware that there is such a thing as natural immunity. Where do you get natural immunity? If a father or mother has had a disease they pass on natural immunity to their offspring through their genes. Immunity is not passed on if a parent is vaccinated for a disease only if they had contracted it naturally. A community with generations of vaccinated families loses all natural immunities.  Also breastfeeding passes on a host of immune factors to babies. Many healthy children contract a disease but will have a strong enough immune system to fight it off. Good health is not- never being sick, but recovering efficiently from a sickness.

Whether it is right to force everyone to be vaccinated is a heavily debated issue. Some say vaccine mandates are pharmaceutical companies’ way of using the general population as guinea pigs and is profit driven. No studies have been produced to show un-vaccinated children carry or transmit diseases within their communities but they do develop natural immunity if they contract the disease. Informed consent is a necessity in any health care practice. We have the right to accept or refuse any health intervention. Who should have the final word, doctors or parents?

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By Jamie Murphy


What my patients have taught me: ” With each choice we make, we learn to trust ourselves”