Touching Spines is Beneficial, Touching Lives is Invaluable

I am a family chiropractor offering chiropractic care and cranialsacral therapy with experience in care for pregnant women, infants, children and families. My office is a place for growing, learning and healing. Pain or symptoms may be what bring you to my office, but once your immediate crisis is resolved I will educate, motivate and support you to reach for a higher quality of health.

From the time we are conceived we are defined by a number, you are not a number here.
You do not have to fit into a program; I supply the care you and I deem best suited for your individual needs.

Chiropractic is what I do, teacher is who I am.

My intention is always to teach, to listen and share my heart and mind.  

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Workshop Pelvic Floor Issues

Physical Therapist Sabina Weaver will be discussing

 Women’s Pelvic Floor issues

Many women are finding they are having problems with their bladder and muscle tone of their pelvic floor after giving birth or after the age of 45.

Join us February 16th


At the chiropractic office of Dr. Cynthia Horner

No charge but

must RSVP with Dr. Horner


Sponsored by: Dr. Cynthia Horner – chiropractor

                        and    Dr. Sarah Davis – chiropractor

Sabina’s website

If you are a male reading this – stop and go fix something or tell a female in your life

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“As a personal fitness trainer and Pilates instructor, having my body perform at high levels on a regular basis is imperative."  "...I was afraid of being hurt more and afraid of "adjustments”. Dr. Horner was very gentle and my fears were calmed."  "...the best experience I’ve had when it comes to getting help for an ailment."  "My midwife Linda Weaver had suggested it would be a good idea to see a chiropractor but I didn’t make the call until I was having back pain that went down my leg."

My Patient Stories

Whether you stay for one visit or a lifetime, I strive to build a personal relationship with you, to not only care for you but care about you as well. My patient stories highlight these meaningful relationships. 
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How Can I Help You?

I help women during pregnancy and with hormonal treatments. I offer neck pain, headachesciatica, & herniated disc treatments, and work with infants & children, as well as wellness care for the whole family.