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 Eat Your Sunscreen

What is Genetically Modified Food

  • Nature’s Child – Are There Veggies in Your Genes
  • What is Genetically Modified Food     Spring 2016 Newsletter

Upstream Health Care

How can America’s Face of Hunger be Malnourished but Overweight

Everyone Poops

Is There An Epidemic That Stops at the US Border?

  • Are you over 45? Stay healthy by Simply Getting Up & Down.
  • Milk for our children, is it good?  Read the  6-14-Horner Summer 14.

How Stress Effects Your Learning, Memory and Immune Function

  • Articles on the Effects of Stress, Young Athletes Head and Neck Injuries, What Really is Flu and Motivation to Exercise. Read the Winter 2014 Newsletter.

Keeping your brain active and agile

  • Finding your target heart rate and some lists of medications and fruits and vegetables that can contain brain-damaging chemicals. Read the Summer 2013 Newsletter

Chiropractors: A different breed of doctor

  • Other articles include information on why your pet can benefit from an adjustment, and a look at some new developments in the office as well as some new procedures that I’m using to better serve you. Read the Spring 2013 Newsletter

Train your brain; ease the pain

  • Your brain plays a huge role in how your body reacts. Find out more. Other articles include information on healthy pregnancies and optimal deliveries. And what’s a healthy school lunch. Read the Winter 2012 Newsletter. 

What is your Vitamin D IQ?

Posture is like a Bonsai Tree

  • Other articles on “There is No Such Thing as Growing Pains and  a fun easy way to understand free radicals and anti-oxidants. Read the Spring 2012 Newsletter

Do unimmunized children pose a threat to the community?

How you carry an infant can make a difference

Children are lugging 18 lbs on their backs; is it hurting them?