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Videos and phone apps.

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Adjusting Children Differs from Adjusting Adults


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Pregnancy Exercises

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An Actual Chiropractic Pregnancy Adjustment

Dr Horner Adjusting a Pregnant Woman in Her 37th Week

Video – Chiropractor – Pregnancy

Chiropractic Benefits to Pregnancy

New video with Dr Horner discussing how a chiropractor can benefit your pregnancy.

New Iphone and Android App

Check out my new Iphone and Android app. I may be one of the first chiropractors in the country to have this. This new app shows all my posts instantly so that you can read from your phone at your leisure simply by clicking on the app.

You can simply search for Bloapp in your apps from your phone or you can go here to download for your respective type phone:

1) iPhone app:
2) Android app:

Then you simply scan my QR code below from within bloapp: It will open my app into  your bloapp page. Be sure to bookmark it from tab at bottom of page within bloapp.

And here’s what you’ll get: I hope you like.

Dr Cynthia Horner Iphone and Android app

New Video

A short little video we made yesterday for youtube and our Google places page about our office . Let us know if you like.