What is a Family Chiropractor?

Whole Family Chiropractic Care

by Dr. Cynthia Horner

What makes a chiropractor a family chiropractor? A family chiropractor is experienced and confident in adjusting  infants, children, adults and seniors. The intent of a family chiropractor is to work with all the members of families to promote  health.  A family chiropractor  focuses on educating, motivating and supporting those in their practice in making decisions about everyday habits in eating, posture, sleeping,  stress and exercising. 

Many people have a misconception about chiropractic. It is often thought to be limited to treating back and neck pain. What they do not understand is the important role chiropractic plays in promoting  and maintaining  health.

Most of us were brought up with the idea that we only seek a doctor only when we feel pain or are aware that something is wrong.  The relationship between a doctor and patient should not begin when a crisis occurs, but is best begun when there is no sign of ill health. Real health care is wellness care, not crisis care.  There is a great health benefit in having a chiropractor check your spine periodically when you are not feeling pain. It makes sense to have subtle spinal mis-alignments  corrected before symptoms, illnesses or diseases are detected.

A Family Chiropractor Seeks to Prevent Major Problems

The truth is pain and illness become apparent  only months to years after the condition actually first began.  Anyone at any age will benefit from keeping their spine aligned to prevent irritation to nerves. Misaligned vertebrae can create irritation to nerve roots that in turn alter the electrical messages traveling over the nerve.

It has been found that something as light as a fly landing on a nerve root alters the transmission of these electrical messages. Communication through the nervous system is necessary for the body to grow, repair and heal. Only a spine without interference to the nerves can communicate to all body parts and be healthy.  A limited nervous system means limited health and wellness.

A Family Chiropractor Promotes Health on an Ongoing Basis

I am finding  people are thirsty for health information and not willing to settle for quick fixes for their symptoms. They want to participate in their health care with a voice in the decisions made about their health, and their family’s health. As a family chiropractor I accept patients at whatever state of health they maybe in then assist them to the level of wellness they are ready to achieve. Along with adjusting, a family chiropractor offers advice and promotes  health on an ongoing basis.

Millions of people understand this simple concept of spinal maintenance resulting in improved health and get their spine checked every month or so and take their children to get their spines checked also. Children’s spines often mis-align at birth especially if the mother was numbed from the waist down and unable to participate in the birth process.  When the body is able to repair and heal itself; things like asthma, allergies, respiratory infections and disorders from low immune function resolve.  A  family chiropractor is concerned with all areas of health and wellness for all family members.

What my patients have taught me:  “Good health is not by chance but by choice.”