Chiropractic Adjustment of an Infant

I am often met with surprise when people hear me say I adjust infants. “Why would an infant need to be adjusted?” is the question that usually follows.  As surprising and unusual as it may seem, it makes perfect sense to have your infant checked by a pediatric chiropractor trained and experienced in chiropractic care for infants.

Today’s birthing practices are harder on infants than most realize. A mother lying on her back doesn’t have gravity to help her birth her baby. With the standard birth practices babies stay in the birth canal longer and need more intervention such as the doctor assisting by pulling the baby’s head, the use of forceps or vacuum distraction.

When a birthing mom is given an epidural it becomes impossible for her to participate in the dance of contractions and rest necessary to effectively allow her baby to progress through the birth canal. Because of unnatural uterine constriction some babies take on a cramped posture or have a leg overhead.  It is common to find the umbilical cord wrapped around the birthing infants head.
Any of these common birthing scenarios can be the cause of misaligned vertebrae called subluxations. Subluxations create irritation to nerve roots and interfere with the transmission of messages from the brain to organs in the body. A C-section delivery does not allow the infant’s head to be compressed in the birth canal then released upon delivery to start a strong cranial sacral pump of cerebral spinal fluid from the tailbone to the brain. This is something that a pediatric chiropractor will address.
Many parents bring their infant to me for a chiropractic spinal analysis when there are no obvious signs of a problem. Others find me when they learn colic and digestive problems are often resolved with a chiropractic adjustment. Many moms give up trying to nurse when their infant has difficulty sucking or latching on.

Chiropractic and cranial sacral therapy can correct small facial, skull bone or vertebral structural problems that are often the cause of feeding difficulties. Older infants experiencing ear or upper respiratory infections also respond well to chiropractic care, which allows them the optimal opportunity to heal naturally. Healing without antibiotics creates natural immunity and does not cause the harmful side effects that antibiotics do.

Adjusting infants is the most natural and sensible thing a parent can do to ensure their child has the best chance to start life. Just make sure that your chiropractor has had training as a pediatric chiropractor.