Chiropractic Adjustment of an Infant

I am often met with surprise when people hear me say I adjust infants. “Why would an infant need to be adjusted?” is the question that usually follows.  As surprising and unusual as it may seem, it makes perfect sense to have your infant checked by a pediatric chiropractor trained and experienced in chiropractic care for infants.

Today’s birthing practices are harder on infants than most realize. A mother lying on her back doesn’t have gravity to help her birth her baby. With the standard birth practices babies stay in the birth canal longer and need more intervention such as the doctor assisting by pulling the baby’s head, the use of forceps or vacuum distraction. Continue reading

Chiropractic Adjustments Change Brain Patterns

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Why would anyone see a chiropractor if they are not in pain?

Today people receive more information each day than their parents did a generation ago. This is a good thing but it has created a population that asks more questions, demands more answers and wants more good things in their lives. Good health is one of those things. Studies show more people are willing to spend time and money on maintaining  and improving their health.  Chiropractic has great success in improving health. Every time a person receives a chiropractic adjustment, whether they were in pain or not,they are healthier than they were before the adjustment. Every time! Continue reading

An Actual Chiropractic Pregnancy Adjustment

Dr Horner Adjusting a Pregnant Woman in Her 37th Week