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Dr Cynthia Horner's OfficeAbout Our Office

My chiropractic approach is a little different from many other chiropractic offices. My goal is not to change the structure or shape of your spine through mechanically pushing joints, but to improve how your body functions by laying new tracts in your brain and nervous system that change how you sit, stand, walk, move and focus. I assess your nervous system function through looking at posture, muscle tone, balance and eye movements. I adjust using my personal sense of touch.

A room is dedicated for exercises where I demonstrates and guide patients through muscle and eye exercises to improve posture, balance and body structure.

My experience is in care for pregnant women, infants, children and families. I use gentle hands on adjusting and cranial sacral therapy to work with patients to bring about improved neurological function.

About Dr. Cynthia Horner

Dr. Horner is from Philadelphia Penna. She graduated Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) in Atlanta, Georgia in 1988 where she was active in developing and participating in the soccer program and working with their internationally ranked rugby team. She also enjoyed working as editor of the college newspaper.

Before attending Chiropractic College Dr. Horner taught health and coached field hockey & softball on the high school level.

Teaching, working with children and athletics has always been an important part of her life. Her passion for teaching as led her to volunteer as a teacher with Greenville Literacy teaching English as a second language.  Being a mother herself, she knows how to make children feel comfortable and enthusiastic about learning to be healthy and being adjusted.

She is certified in the Webster Technique known for helping pregnant women in achieving optimal fetal positioning for delivery and is certified by Upledger Institute for cranialsacral therapy. Dr. Horner has been helping people in Greenville South Carolina, stay healthy since 1993.

Professional affiliations:

  • ICPA International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association
  • American Pregnancy Association
  • Birth Network International

 About Frank Crawford – Massage Therapist

Frank Graduated from Greenville Technical College in December of 2014. His therapeutic focus include Positional Release, Deep tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, and Swedish massage. He takes a holistic approach to life and believes the body has an incredible ability to heal itself added by various wellness practices.  Frank incorporates techniques including trigger point therapy and mild stretching. Each massage is tailored to meet your specific needs from relaxation, pain management, postural abnormalities, and as a maintenance plan for general health and wellness.
 Frank’s fees:  $60.00 for one hour – $40.00 for a half hour

For massage contact Frank at

About Alexis Pfropper – Foot/Hand Reflexologist 

Reflexology is a massage of the feet or hands that stimulates pressure points that correspond to the various structures and organs throughout the body. In addition to deep relaxation, it’s benefits include improved circulation, increased energy, elimination of toxins and stimulation of the nervous system.

Alexis’s fees:  $45.00 for one hour foot or hand – $25.00 for a half hour

For reflexology session call Alexis @ (586) 713.0124