Meet My Patients

Juli Ennis


“I have been a patient of Dr. Horner’s since 1997. As a personal fitness trainer and Pilates instructor, having my body perform at high levels on a regular basis is imperative. Dr. Horner’s chiropractic work, along with other healing modalities she uses, is a cornerstone to my health.

She also adjusts my preschool son, Pace. He had his first adjustment at 2 weeks old. With regular adjustments (which he loves), he stays healthy, his teachers have even commented about his beaming health and lack of illnesses. We love being treated as whole beings versus symptomatic care.”

Juli Ennis
ACSM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
BBU Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor


Kay JohnsonKay

“My first encounter with Dr. Horner was over 15 years ago. After a long 12 hour car trip from NY to visit my sister, she suggested I see her chiropractor. I was afraid of being hurt more and afraid of “adjustments”.  Dr.  Horner was very gentle and my fears were calmed.

Seven years later I moved to South Carolina, and I went to see Dr. Horner again because of chronic pain in my back. I gave her all the pieces to the puzzle, and she began solve it. It wasn’t instant, but I got progressively better.

Dr. Horner is a very intelligent and caring person.  She has helped me in the process of eliminating many of my medications and I owe her a lot.  I love that she is so excited about health and getting me well.”

Kay Johnson


M. FooteMelissa

“My experience with Dr. Cynthia Horner has been nothing more then amazing. I was advised by my midwife to see her during pregnancy to help with extreme pelvic discomfort and to also help align my pelvis for labor. Dr. Horner is gentle and very knowledgeable towards helping to fix and relieve any discomforts; pregnancy and non pregnancy related, such as sciatica and upper shoulder pain that I’ve always struggled with. I always left her office feeling energetic, and my pelvic pain improved immensely.

During labor, Dr. Horner had no problem working me in for a visit during a busy day, as I was having a problem with focusing and my contractions were sporadic but painful. She did a gentle adjustment, and within an hour my contractions were regular and my baby was born. I have no doubt this is because she calmed my mind so that my body could do the work it needed to do. I am forever grateful for Dr. Horner and I will always recommend her to my pregnant and non pregnant friends for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Thank You Dr. Horner!!! ”

Melissa Foote


The TrumpsThe Trumps

“My kids love Dr. Horner! She knows us by name and really cares about our whole family. If you want a chiropractor who really cares about you, this is the place. She is very interested in helping you feel better. She is so knowledgeable about the body and teaches you how to take care of it. She will give you exercises to do at home, so you feel better.”

The Trumps
Simpsonville SC


Beau PhillipsBeau

“I was having trouble with a burning sensation in my lower back and I had already had an ultrasound and a CT scan but nothing was showing up. I had been to chiropractors a few times before but I always felt like they were rushing me through and trying to see as many people as possible. Dr. Horner was nothing like that. It was the best experience I’ve had when it comes to getting help for an ailment. I have felt 10 times better and I plan on doing regular visits.”

Beau Phillips
Box Office Manager, Centre Stage Theatre


Charlene Williams and KidsCharlene

“Dr. Horner helped my 3 year old son, Fred, from having to use an asthma breathing machine! We spent hundreds of dollars on medical doctors, allergy specialists, and blood tests. But Dr. Horner is the only one who took a different approach to finding the cause of my son’s allergies. She suggested supplements and monthly chiropractic care. He has been off all allergy medication and breathing machines for three years!”

Charlene Williams
Happy Mom, Simpsonville SC

Joan Massey



“Cynthia Horner is not only a highly skilled chiropractor, but I just love her enthusiasm for helping people at every level of health. She laughs, smiles, is empathetic and wise, all that and a great adjustment too. I highly recommend her.”

Joan Massey, accupuncturist





Kegan Abbott“My son, Kegan, has been getting chiropractic care since he was one month old. He deals every day with a very intense personality combined with hyper-sensitivity to stimulation. He absolutely adores Dr. Horner, and trusts her. Each time he gets an adjustment, there is a noticeable difference in his mood and behavior because he is centered, peaceful, and not agitated. She has taught me how to check his posture at home. I can never thank Dr. Horner enough for the influence she has been in the lives of my children (and me!).”

Dori Abbott


Jackson Hudson

Hudson Kids

“My entire family began using Dr. Horner several years ago, and it was the best thing we ever did!

She regularly adjusts both of our children. She uses completely different techniques on my younger son, and I’m always amazed and have peace of mind knowing my children’s everyday misalignments that they naturally get just from ‘being kids’, won’t turn into major problems later in life, because we keep them on a regular maintenance program of chiropractic care.”

Heather Hudson
9Round Kickboxing Fitness owner,