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Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy is a Common Complaint

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Approximately 50% of pregnant women experience back pain. Pregnancy should be a time of  joy and expectation. If you are experiencing back pain the joy of pregnancy is overcast with thoughts of how to get relief. Specific chiropractic adjustments by a chiropractor trained in the care of pregnant women can be the answer for relief of back pain. Knowing what causes back pain during pregnancy can help you avoid it completely or resolve it once it appears. Learning stretching exercises and adapting your postural habits are also helpful in avoiding or resolving back pain. Continue reading

Keeping Back Pain Away

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Understanding what causes back pain and how to recognize problems before they are bad enough to create pain that disrupts your life is what I will discuss in the next few paragraphs. Seventy five percent of all human beings will experience low back pain severe enough to keep them from their daily activities. Not just adults but people of all ages and from all walks of life. Why do so many people have back pain? I blame those early humans who arranged a few large rocks together and uttered the word “chair”.

Stop Backpack Injury

It’s Time to Ease the Burden for Our Children

By Dr Cynthia Horner

As a family and pediatric chiropractor I have been adjusting children in my office for 15 years. In the last few years I am seeing children and teens with serious spinal conditions from carrying heavy loads resulting in backpack injury.  Parents had been bringing their kids to me for wellness spinal analysis  having their spines checked before problems were bad enough for pain or symptoms to be present. Now many young people are complaining to their parents about pain in their legs, back, and shoulders and constant achy muscles. Continue reading