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Natural Remedies vs Medication

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies are becoming more popular as a conservative way to care for the body. Just what are they and how do they work? How do they differ from prescribed or over the counter medications? Continue reading

Not All Natural Estrogens Are The Same

by Dr. Cynthia Horner

Estrogen refers to a group of 20 hormones with similar molecular structure and similar names. Three estrogens –  estradiol, estrone and estriol –  are found in larger quantities in females and are considered the most important of the estrogens. Although similar in name and structure there is a major difference in how various estrogens work in the body.

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Are You a Mosquito Magnet?

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Do you find yourself swatting mosquitoes while sitting out on a summer night when others around you seem unaffected?

There is a reason for that.

Mosquitoes are attracted to mild acids. People who eat a diet high in refined carbohydrates, meat and hydrogenated fats (transfats as in margarine) produce a lot of acid in their body tissues.

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Sun, Sunscreen, Tanning Beds and Your Health

by Cynthia Horner

Health is greatly dependent on the amount and quality of light that shines on our skin and eyes.There has been much controversy about whether sun is helpful or harmful. Understanding a little about the light of the sun and how it compares to the light of tanning beds and the effect the chemicals in sunscreen have on your skin will help you make wise decisions about your days in the sun.

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Chiropractic Adjustments Change Brain Patterns

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Why would anyone see a chiropractor if they are not in pain?

Today people receive more information each day than their parents did a generation ago. This is a good thing but it has created a population that asks more questions, demands more answers and wants more good things in their lives. Good health is one of those things. Studies show more people are willing to spend time and money on maintaining  and improving their health.  Chiropractic has great success in improving health. Every time a person receives a chiropractic adjustment, whether they were in pain or not,they are healthier than they were before the adjustment. Every time! Continue reading

Strengthening Core Muscles and Aligning Your Spine Can Improve Your Golf Swing

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

What makes a good golf swing?

All golfers are looking for an edge. But good golfers know that proper body mechanics can make the difference between an average golf swing and an excellent golf swing. Continue reading

If the Shoe Fits….

 Align the Feet to Align the Body                                                                   

We take our first step about one year of age and by the time we are adults we take an average of five thousand steps a day. That’s thirty five thousand a week  and one million eight hundred twenty steps a year. Knowing how to choose shoes, how your shoes effect your feet and how your feet effect your entire body is monumental in your overall health. Continue reading

Stop Backpack Injury

It’s Time to Ease the Burden for Our Children

By Dr Cynthia Horner

As a family and pediatric chiropractor I have been adjusting children in my office for 15 years. In the last few years I am seeing children and teens with serious spinal conditions from carrying heavy loads resulting in backpack injury.  Parents had been bringing their kids to me for wellness spinal analysis  having their spines checked before problems were bad enough for pain or symptoms to be present. Now many young people are complaining to their parents about pain in their legs, back, and shoulders and constant achy muscles. Continue reading

Exercise Is More Than Strong Muscles

Exercise is About More Than Strong Muscles; It’s About Balanced MovementBalanced exercise is important

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

Misunderstood Joint and Muscle Problems

Recently a patient came to my office with shoulder pain afte  she began an exercise program. She said, “Well doc I guess it’s just old age.” I asked “How old is that shoulder?” She laughed and said “forty-eight”. My reply was, “Your other shoulder is also forty-eight years old and it is working just fine so we know it’s not old age causing your problem”.  What is often the problem in muscle and joint pain syndromes is asymmetry, one side of the body is out of balance as compared to the other side. Continue reading

Your Computer Posture Could Be Hurting You

Improving Your Computer Posture

By Dr. Cynthia Horner

I have noticed many more of my wellness patients are experiencing repeated bouts of neck, shoulder and low back pain, from what seems like no apparent cause.  The one common denominator among these patients is prolonged computer use, creating what I call computer posture. Continue reading